Simply skiing with skinow

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Choose the price for your ski experience

After you choose the ski resort and date, you can offer your own price for a day pass. To do so, simply click “choose your own price for your ticket”.

Your offer will then be forwarded to the ski resort. You will receive an answer within a maximum of 24 hours as to whether your offer was accepted. In order for you to understand what prices are realistic, we will help you to place your offer by providing useful comments. If you want to hit the slopes the next day, you can place an offer with your own price until 10:00 am the day before. In this case, you will receive an answer until 15:00.

In case you don’t want to place your own offer or go skiing spontaneously you can buy your ski pass directly online in our webshop at the normal ticket price. Simply click on the button “buy your ticket at the normal price” after choosing your destination.


Choose your transfer medium

In a next step can to choose your transfer medium. In order to avoid queueing up at the cash desk, we offer you three different possibilities:

1) Use your SwissPass as a ski pass. Type in the number of your SwissPass and your ski pass will automatically be stored on your personal SwissPass. You will find the number of your SwissPass on the reverse side, below the barcode.

2) If you don’t have a SwissPass, you can use a SKIDATA Keycard from any ski resort as your ski pass. To do so, just enter the code of the SKIDATA Keycard and your ski pass will be automatically stored on the SKIDATA Keycard. You will find the number of the SKIDATA Keycard on the front page. It does not matter from which ski resort the SKIDATA Keycard stems from. For example, you can use an old SKIDATA Keycard from Adelboden as well for Aletsch Arena, Bellwald or Lauchernalp.

3) If you have neither a SwissPass nor a SKIDATA Keycard, we offer you the possibility to send your ski pass via email. Just print out the document and hand it in at the cash desks at your ski resort to exchange it for a ski pass.

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Complete your booking

In the last step, you only have to type in your payment details. For this, we accept several methods. If you have placed a personal offer, we will inform you within a maximum of 24-hours as to whether your offer was accepted by our partnering resorts or not.

What happens if your offer was rejected?

If your offer was rejected, you will, of course, not face any costs and your credit card will not be charged.

In addition, you now have two possibilities: If your ski day is about to happen within the next 24 hours and you missed the 10:00 am-deadline, you can buy a ski ticket at the normal price in our webshop to avoid queueing up in the ski resorts. Otherwise, you are welcome to place a new offer.

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Enjoy your ski experience

After you have received the booking confirmation, you just have to take your SwissPass or SKIDATA Keycard and hit the slopes.

If you decided to use the print-at-home solution, don’t forget to print out the document and to hand it in at the cash desk of the mountain railway. We wish you a memorable day on the slopes and a lot of fun at your own price. Share your ski day with your friends and our excited skinow community by using our hashtag #SkiCleverSkinow. The most popular posts will be shared directly on our home page.

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