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Frequently Asked Questions

Skinow is a free web-based application through which you can buy day passes from selected ski resorts in Switzerland. Passes can be either bought at your own price or at the normal price in our webshop.

For the option “Choose your own price” you can propose a binding offer for a one-day ski pass with one of our partner resorts by providing your credit card details. We then check your offer and tell you within 24 hours if the partner resort has accepted your offer. If your offer is accepted, the amount will be taken from your credit card and a ticket for the corresponding day will be loaded on your SKIDATA Keycard or SwissPass. If you neither have a SwissPass nor a SKIDATA Keycard, you can also make use of our print-at-home solution. Just print out the document you received and hand it in at the cash desks at your ski resort to exchange it for a ski pass. If the partner resort rejects your offer, you can also buy a day pass at the normal price in our webshop.

When purchasing a ski pass at the normal price in our webshop, the corresponding amount will be charged from your credit card, and the day pass will be loaded on your SKIDATA Keycard or SwissPass. You also have the possibility to make use of the print-at-home solution. However, you still have to exchange the printed document for a SKIDATA Keycard at the cash desk of the partner resort. In this case, please retain this SKIDATA Keycard for the next time you hit the slopes with skinow.

You can propose an offer that best reflects your willingness to pay for any day of the season. Of course, the closer your offer is to the official resort price, the greater the chance of it being accepted. Please bear in mind that there is no fixed acceptance threshold, as price flexibility depends on the date, whether you wish to ski on a weekday or weekend, and weather forecasts, among other factors. When making an offer, it is important to consider these factors, and when your offered price is higher than the threshold, it will be successful. In order for you to understand what prices are realistic, we will help you to place your offer by providing useful comments.

Skinow is a free application without hidden costs or additional fees. Therefore, you can either ski at your own price or at the same price you would pay at the cash desk of your ski resort if your offer is not accepted.

In order for you to buy a ski pass for your friends and family as quickly and conveniently as possible, skinow offers you the possibility to add additional users to your personal account. Therefore, you can buy ski passes for several persons directly from your profile.

During the first winter, you can only offer your own price for a full day pass. However, our pricing model takes a number of factors into account; for example, poor weather during an afternoon. Therefore, our pricing model will allow you to hit the slopes at an optimized price.

In case you were billed an incorrect sum for your booking, or if there was a mistake in your receipt, please refer to our customer service. Our customer agents will help you find the mistake and correct it.

Carrier Medium

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In general, you can use any Keycard from SKIDATA when booking with skinow. It doesn’t matter if the SKIDATA Keycard stems from a ski resort that is a partner resort of skinow or not. However, it is very important that the Keycard is from SKIDATA.

In order to find out whether your Keycard is from SKIDATA, you can check the serial number of the Keycard. Usually you find the serial number on the front page of the SKIDATA Keycard. The serial number has the following format: DTA XX-XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX-X

Smart Cards from Team Axess can’t be used for our current partner resorts. In order to find out whether your old ski pass is a Smart Card from Team Axess, you can check the serial number of the Keycard. The serial number has usually the following format: WTP XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX

No. Each ski pass is personal and not transferable. In order to enter the ski resort, each person needs to carry a valid ski pass valid for the specific day.

In case you are not able to proceed through the turnstile at the ski station, please check if the credit card you deposited at your skinow account is still valid.
Also, please check whether the transfer medium (Keycard) is valid at the ski resort of your choice. Be aware that ski resorts in Switzerland use the two different transfer media Skidata and Axess. Skinow’s partner resorts only use Skidata as a transfer medium. If you have an Axess transfer medium, entry is not possible at the following ski resorts:

  • Buttes la Robella
  • Engadin/St. Moritz
  • Engelberg
  • Grüsch-Danusa
  • Jungfrau Ski Region (Grindelwald-First, Kleine Scheidegg / Männlichen, Mürren-Schilthorn)
  • Klewenalp
  • Mythen-Region
  • Pizol
  • Portes du Soleil
  • Sportbahnen Hochwang
  • Stoosbahnen
  • Toggenburg (Alt St. Johann, Unterwasser, Wildhaus)
  • Val de Travers

Alternatively, you can also find out if the transfer medium you have is Axess or Skidata by checking the serial number (usually on the reverse of the card).

  • The serial numbers of SKIDATA Keycards usually have the following format: DTA XX-XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX-X
  • The serial number of Axess (also called smart card) cards usually have the following format: WTP XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX

If you still have problems entering the resort, please contact our customer service.

Please contact immediately our customer service. We will help you immediately to make sure that you will enjoy your ski day nevertheless.

Partner Resorts

Skinow only works with ski resorts that are partners of our skinow network which comprises three resorts: Aletsch Arena, Bellwald and Lauchernalp. We are currently in contact with numerous resorts with the goal to increase our range of resorts. If you have any questions regarding a certain resort, we would be happy to receive your message. Please use the form below or get in touch using [email protected]

To increase our range of resorts on offer, we are now in contact with a number of different ski resorts across Switzerland. Keep checking our web page to see which partner resorts are new at Skinow.

Your opinion counts! You can always contact us and tell our customer service the ski resorts that you would like to use Skinow’s services. We promise to provide the best service possible in order for you to be able to hit the slopes of your favourite ski resort at your own price.

We are always happy to hear from you! Feel free to contact our team with the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have further questions, please write us an email